WEDNESDAY, September 24, 2008 SCHEDULE

Whistler is a natural year-round playground with its crisp mountain air, crystal clear lakes and lush emerald forests. There's something to do here every day whether it's a thrilling adventure or just some quiet time listening to nature and absorbing the magnificent scenery. We have designed numerous activities to showcase Whistler for you during our “play day” at the ISSW.

Enjoying the view in Whistler

We have scheduled activities so you can take part in several of them during the day. Some for extra charge, some for free. Please look at the schedule below, and sign up for your chosen fun activities on the Registration Form.

WEDNESDAY, September 24, 2008 'Fun Day' schedule
Time Activity Price


Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain Avalanche & CARDA Program



Heli Glacier Walk with Blackcomb Helicopters



Golf Tournament, Whistler Golf Course



Guided Mountain Bike Park on Whistler Mountain



Hockey Game “Canada vs. Rest of the world” at Meadow Park Ice Arena



Guided Mountain Bike X-Country courses



BBQ, Social & 'THE HAIRFARMERS' at Garibaldi Lift Company

Your Tab!


AAA General Membership Meeting


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We certainly have more than the above mentioned activities to sample here in Whistler. Here are additional activities to sign up for at our activity desk during the first few days of the conference. No pre-reservation necessary.

Some examples are:

Zip Trekking is a new activity that has taken Whistler by storm. A participant straps on a harness or sits in a chair that is hooked on a large cable. The cable links two destinations, a starting point and an ending point, often over a river, gorge or between two mountains. The participant lets go and allows gravity do its part.
You'll zip along the cable at varying speeds. The feeling is similar to flying - many people have compared it to Spiderman or Superman.
Thrilling and adrenalin-inducing, the activity is perfectly safe and a guaranteed good time.

Leaving Alta Lake for the River of Golden Dreams, Whistler

Canoe the River of Golden Dreams.
Whistler's River of Golden Dreams watershed area runs from the north end of Alta Lake to the south end of Green Lake. It is a very popular Whistler canoeing and kayaking route under a lush canopy of trees and greenery that reconnects one with nature - almost immediately. Paddle softly, keep your voice down and eyes open. Animals, reptiles, and birds are plentiful in this area.

Climbing (climbers to bring their gear and meet at the conference center and car pool). Volunteer Guides showing off their back yard. There are extensive sport-climbing opportunities close to Whistler and in Whistler itself. Great cragging at Nordic Rock, Cal-Cheak, and the Chek Canyon. Also, Suicide Bluffs near Pemberton and Lillooet Lookout on the road up to the Duffy. One-way travel time in either direction to Chek Canyon or to Pemberton is about 20 minute.
Of course, there is always Squamish, about 45 minutes drive and one of the biggest rock climbing centres in Canada!

If you need more ideas on what to do with some hours of free time, click on:

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